Batching plants – betonske baze



SIPE brand is present on the market with its products since 1979.
The Company started belonging to the CIFA group as a satellite branch for the production of the mixers, components of batching plants, Dragline and scraping arms.
On 1982 SIPE becomes independent and begins to develop its products on the market as constructor on the behalf of other Italian and abroad producers for mixers, dragline and scraping arms.
On 1983 the Company begins the development of the little plants with scraping arm for job site and wins the first award as Best Innovation of the Year during Samoter 1983; three years later the first batching plant series TORRE with turbo mixer comes out .
From that moment on SIPE develops this kind of product very technologically specialized.
The Company grows up more and more in Italy and Abroad where SIPE builds and starts up its batching plants .
From 2001 SIPE products get the Precast and the ready concrete fields thanks to the Know How and the experiences kept from some of the most known Italian Companies such as SEAM and IME .
Today CST Srl which manages SIPE brand is always working in Montichiari ( Brescia) with a location of 9.000 sqm between production departments and offices .
SIPE products are attentive to grant the high quality of the final product : CONCRETE .

Experience in this field, technology, acknowledge and practice are one of the characteristics of the Company.

The quality is our distinctive mark ; and the quality is not exclusively to be related to the technical or mechanical side but to a more general assistance service offered to all our customers.
Our philosophy is that Quality must be not only a “slogan” but a real and touchable data .
Concrete self production at job site represents for the customer not only a chance to get immediately available the final product but also a way to make economy saving the production costs .
This also means mixing quality which influences the final quality of the produced concrete and the featuring costs.
There is available some calculation sheets which explain the relation between quality and costs and quality and Rules ( EN 206) .
SIPE products are divided into families :

MIXER : Turbo mixer with several and different capacities, suitable for laboratory tests, paving and refractory

TTM : Little batching plants with scraping arm semi-automatic for small constructions and buildings

TORRE: Batching plant working with scraping arm, automatic and autonomous, with several capacities from 350 to 1500 liters; big assemble flexibility and fitted with a wide range of accessories .

MOBILE: Batching plants with aggregate storage bins, easy to carry on , easy to assemble with hourly productions from 25 to 10 CbM

BW MIXER Batching plant fix to produce and sell concrete from 60 to 200 Cbm

PREF Batching Plant Stationary for precasting industry

VERTICAL Vertical storage for temporary job site, precast and concrete sell from 40 to 100 CbM

Then there is some particular executions experienced al lover these yeras in cooperation with some of our clients.
Our Technical dept is always at client’s disposal to satisfy his particular necessities.
Lots of references in Italy, in Europe and all over the world; it’s possible to ask for these references for any area of interest .