Bag emptying and transfer system

Silos for Big-Bags

Made on the basis of the silo Silmatic, our SILOS FOR BIG-BAGS differ from the latter for the capacity and the limited height, which allow the introduction of the Big-Bag from the top using a forklift or equivalent lifting mean.

Inside is a series of blades that allow the automatic opening of the Big-Bag without the need to perform additional operations or to walk on the roof.
Our bag breaker silos are available in both version with load cells (DE) and in the more economical version with adjustable timer (T).

Bag breaking hoppers

Our BAG BREAKING HOPPERS are designed for use both with standard bags of cement and with larger Big-Bags (Bulk Bags or FIBC).

The hopper is in fact made of sufficient size to allow the introduction of both types of containers.

The opening of the bags is manual in the case of Big-Bags and automatic with common cement bags through the saw-toothed metal sheet mounted above the collection hopper.

The supply is completed by a series of steps adjustable in height, a cover on the upper side of the hopper, an electrical control panel, a vibrator and an auger to transport the material up to the unloading level.

Our bag breaker hoppers are commonly used for manual filling of horizontal silos where you cannot easily find the bulk cement, or for combination to our mobile batching plant Tecno if you want to form a low cost concrete batching system.

Big Bag unloaders

Our BIG BAGS UNLOADERS have a telescopic and adjustable frame that allows the Big-Bags to be supported without the need to resort to the support of the forklift.

The frame is adjustable to allow the use of big bags of various sizes.
The Big-Bag to be emptied rests on a special seal that prevents the escape of powder.

The collection hopper has a door for manual opening of the bag; if you prefer a faster and automatic procedure it is possible to apply cutting blades.
An inclined screw conveyor transports the material to the unloading point.
They are generally used for the transfer of cement within the horizontal silos in the places where it is not easy to get with the refilling tank truck.