Designs and produces a wide range ofaluminum loading ramps in ITALY to fit any type of mini and midi digger. To manufacture our loading ramps we utilize the best aluminium alloy EN_AW 6005/A and follow European certification guidelines.
The aluminium loading ramps are connecting devices used by people, and/or transport, as passageways between transport vehicles and the ground (loading dock). These ramps are known as manually operated mobile loading bridges. We design different models of aluminium loading ramps with different carriage widths (H100 – H190).
Each ramp is made up of lateral side spars, plates fixed to the loading bed and anchoring system.
Ramp length is strictly relative to angle or slant. Before use, operators must consider this fundamental: the slant must not exceed the max slant of 30% that is 16,5°.
Therefore, so as to establish the minimum length to use, to exceed the maximum slant, the operator must apply the following formula (valid for loading operations on normal, flat ground:
This means that to load a digger on a truck 1,2 mt high you will need ramps at least 4 mt long with an angle of 30% (1,2 x 100/30 ).
The width of the ramps and the size of the spars define the loading capacity in terms of weight of each ramp.

Consult our price list and do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation for the model you are interested in.

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